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Tesla Roadster Trumps Supercars in Drag Race

Plenty of exotic supercars made their way to Russ Beach Smith Falls Airport to take part in the ‘Race the Runway 2012′ charity event that raises money for the Russ Beach Smith Falls-Montague Aviation Museum. At the event, millions of dollars worth of exotics took part in a 1/4-mile drag race on the paved runway, with an electric Tesla Roadster turning in the best time of the day.

The Tesla Roadster ran an impressive 10.39 seconds in the quarter mile and bested the likes of a Nissan GT-R (11.536), Ford GT (11.691), Dodge Viper ACR (12.023), a Porsche Carrera GT (12.273), and even a Ferrari Cailfornia (12.639). Of course most of those vehicles listed aren’t made to go fast in a straight line, but other things to take into account is driver experience and traction, two main components of a fast e.t. in drag racing.

That’s not to say the time wasn’t impressive for the electric convertible. Any 10-second car is a fast one, but let’s not jump to any hasty conclusions that the Tesla Roadster would outperform a GT-R or a Viper on a road course.

By Jason Siu

Tesla Roadster Successor Not a Guarantee

Despite earlier reports that Tesla would have a successor to its Roadster model set to debut sometime in 2015, the American electric automaker has confirmed that a decision on a new Roadster has not yet been made. 

The automaker is currently focusing on its new Model S and Model X, as well as a more mainstream BMW 3 Series rival that’s expected to be unveiled sometime in 2015-2016. Tesla hopes to have a couple of sedans and a compact SUV on the market before it returns to the drawing board on creating a successor to its Roadster model.

“It isn’t decided that we will build another Roadster, but that would be around the time we would look to have a real ‘halo’ model in the range,” said George Blankenship, vice-president of sales and ownership experience.

[Source: Autocar]

By Jason Siu

Tesla Wants to Build an Electric Supercar

Elon Musk is not one to shy away from bold statements, recently going on the record to call the Fisker Karma overpriced and mediocre. The savvy entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla says he now hopes to build an electric supercar.

In a recent Web chat, Musk disclosed that the American electric automaker is studying the possibility of an electric supercar to rival the likes of Italy’s Lamborghini and Ferrari offerings. Initially, Tesla wanted to build a supercar shortly after the Model X is introduced next year, but Musk wants to focus on a more affordable electric car first. That puts the time table for an electric supercar to come out in four to five years according to the CEO.

If there’s an automaker out there that could pull this off, it would be Tesla. The brand is considered a success compared to its counterpart Fisker, who continues to fight an uphill battle with the general public.

And considering the Tesla Model S sedan can already do 0-60 in just 4.4 seconds, just think of how impressive a Tesla supercar could be!

[Source: Automotive News]

By Jason Siu

Tesla Model S Leads 2013 Plug-in Sales


The Tesla Model S will be North America’s best-selling plug-in vehicle so far this year, besting both the Chevrolet Volt and Nissan Leaf.

Tesla expects to report at least 4,750 deliveries of its Model S for the first quarter of 2013. The Volt sold 4,421 units while Nissan delivered 3,695 Leafs in the first quarter. The numbers may be surprising to some, considering how much more expensive the Model S is compared to the Volt and Leaf. Unfortunately for the Volt and the Leaf, the Model S offers not only luxury and good looks, but plenty of performance.

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The Model S went on sale in mid-2012 with a starting price of $69,900 and can go as far as 300 miles on a single charge. Tesla CEO Elon Musk is aiming to deliver 20,000 Model S vehicles this year. Last year, Chevrolet and Nissan each sold about 30,000 of their rechargeable vehicles last year but both declined to give their volume targets for 2013.

[Source: Bloomberg]

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By Jason Siu

Top 10 Most Collectible Cars of 2013

10. Ford Focus ST

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Interested in nabbing yourself a future collectible? Hagerty Insurance specializes in classic cars and is predicting the top 10 most collectible cars of 2013 that are under $100,000.

Listed based on the vehicle’s MSRP, the Ford Focus ST kicks off the list in the number-10 spot with a starting price of $23,700. Powered by a 2.0-liter, turbocharged engine with 252 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque, the American automaker’s hot hatch is an undeniable bargain at under $25,000. Hagerty believes its performance and price will make it an attractive collectible in years to come.

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By Jason Siu

Tesla Roadster Buyback Program Launched

Early adopters of the Tesla Roadster who may now be eyeing the American automaker’s more practical Model S can now trade in their convertible sports car towards a new sedan.

Tesla will buyback old Roadsters from current owners and resell them at its own stores, giving others an opportunity to own the electric convertible. Only 2,500 Roadsters were made since it first hit the market in 2008 and used ones will be much cheaper than the original $109,000 price.

The trade-in value for the Roadster will be based on its condition after the automaker takes a detailed look at the used vehicle. Though Tesla hasn’t released what it expects to buy back the vehicles for, it did estimate that a 2010 Roadster with around 2,900 miles will be resold for $93,500; while a 2008 model with 31,000 miles will be around $73,300.

Even better news though is that some Roadster owners may actually get money back if their vehicle is valued higher than the Model S they’re opting for.

“Someone who couldn’t reach all the way to a Roadster before, now may be able to get one at a lower price,” said Tom vonReichbauer, Tesla’s director of finance. “We’re able to set what I think are pretty competitive prices for these cars.”

[Source: SF Gate]

By Jason Siu