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Tesla will reportedly call new Roadster the ‘Model R’

Tesla Roadster

Whether you spell the word “rumor” in the US or “rumour” in the UK, this one’s a good one.

Tesla Motors is looking to make its upcoming version of its Roadster all-electric convertible faster than the original when it debuts to the public in 2017, UK’s Auto Express “reports,” citing unsorted rumors, or, er, rumors. The California-based automaker will also likely call the car – wait for it – the Model R.

Tesla produced about 2,500 Roadsters between 2008 and 2011. The model, made with Lotus parts, started at $109,000. Auto Express says the new version will share the same platform as the Model S sedan (out now) and the Model X crossover that is set to debut in 2014, but we think it is more likely to use Tesla’s smaller, third-generation platform.

Last month, Tesla started a buyback program allowing Roaster owners to trade them in for credit against the purchase of a new Model S sedan.

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By Danny King

Around-the-world Tesla tour crashes just 600 miles from finish line [w/video] *UPDATE

tesla roadster around the world crash

noooooooooo!!!!!! game over! +++ I’m fine!!!!

That’s how Rafael de Mestre let his fans know that his attempt to be the first to drive around the world in a standard all-electric car, a Tesla Roadster, had come to an end. De Mestre posted the above picture to Facebook along with a short video of “the black day of the race” showing the crash and some of the aftereffects (see it below). The Roadster rear-ended a Toyota Auris in Germany and de Mestre says, “First findings: crash was initiated by a BMW driving 7 cars in front of [the Roadster], who crashed into the ahead driving car.”

In the long-distance race, De Mestre was competing against the Electric Odyssey crew, which is supposed to get back to their starting point some time in October after circumnavigating the world in a Citroen C-Zero EV (the Mitsubishi i’s sister vehicle). The French engineers in the C-Zero started their trip in February 2012, and de Mestre took off in May with the goal to overtake the shorter-range EV somewhere along the way. He managed to do that, but now it looks like the slow and steady duo will be able to claim the record, as long as their luck holds.

*UPDATE: De Mestre says on Facebook that, “Tesla is repairing [the Roadster] with 5 technicians in parallel!” See the picture below.

By Sebastian Blanco

Tesla Roadster racing around the world in 80 days [w/video]

tesla roadster in lebanon

Ah, those Jules Verne fanatics, you’ll find them everywhere. One Tesla Roadster owner last month set upon his own tribute to the author by starting his attempt to drive around the world in – yes – 80 days. Even better, it’s now a race to be the first world round trip driver with a standard EV (that “standard” is important, since the Solar Taxi has already made the trip back in 2007-2008, a journey that took 17 months.

Back in September 2011, Tesla Roadster driver Rafael de Mestre announced his plan to be the first person to do the standard EV circumnavigation with his Model S once it was delivered. Trouble is, in February 2012, two French engineers set off from France in February in a Citroen C-Zero EV (the Mitsubishi i’s sister vehicle) with the same goal, naming their journey the Electric Odyssey. That trip was to last a little longer than de Mestre’s – eight months – and span about 15,000 miles, in part because the Citroen has a far shorter single-charge range than the Tesla. de Mestre didn’t want someone else to steal his thunder, so he headed out in his Roadster in May and is now trying to catch the C-Zero team.

Rafael de Mestre left Barcelona on presumably a full charge on May 11 and started heading west. As of today, his car is on a ship somewhere west of Los Angeles, according to his website, and had put about 3,700 miles on the Roadster. The car is now being shipped to China, where he is to continue his journey for another five weeks or so. Will he make it back to Europe before the Frenchmen? Stay tuned. Bur first, check out an incredibly cinematic teaser video of the race below.

By Danny King

Tesla to Offer Loaner Car Service to Owners


There’s good news for Tesla owners: company CEO Elon Musk recently announced that he plans to create a fleet of loaner cars that owners can borrow while theirs is in service.

So what does a Tesla loaner look like? Musk says they will be the performance version of the Model S, which means a 4.2-second 0-60 mph sprint and up to 265 miles of range. The fleet will be composed of about 80 cars now that production is starting to catch up to consumer orders according to USA Today.

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Not only that, but the loan program will see those cars delivered to owners at their homes, offices or whatever the most convenient place might be.

Musk was recently in the news after a trip he made to Texas where he lobbied for the brand to be allowed to sell cars in the state. Tesla uses a direct-to-customer sales model instead of a traditional dealer network, which is prohibited in the state.

[Source: USA Today]

By Luke Vandezande

Plug In America wants to survey your Tesla Roadster battery

brabus tesla roadster

Plug In America has launched a second electric vehicle owner experience survey – this time with the Tesla Roadster. It follows a survey conducted last year among Nissan Leaf owners, which was utilized and acknowledged by Nissan as it dealt with unexpected battery capacity loss reported by Leaf owners in high temperature Arizona.

Last year, Plug In America’s Expert Assistance and Research Group launched its first-ever consumer-oriented evaluation of plug in battery performance. It was intended to educate consumers on battery reliability and extended warranty purchase options, along with supporting industry-wide adoption of standard battery performance warranties.

Last year’s survey found that many Leaf owners were experiencing a high degree of stability and reliability. Along with that, the study clarified that ambient temperature seems to be the most significant factor in battery deterioration. Soon after release of the findings, Nissan announced a new battery warranty for Leaf owners. Nissan executive vice president Andy Palmer encouraged Leaf owners to read the Plug In America survey results.

More people own Leaf than Roadsters, but the Roadsters have been on the road longer. The expensive Roadster electric sports car (which started at $109,000) was launched nearly three years before the Leaf, in 2008. About 2,500 Roadsters were sold through 2011, and Roadster owners have had a lot of experience behind the wheel. While the Leaf and Chevrolet Volt were lauded for returning EVs to the market following the limited number built by major automakers in the 1990s, the Tesla Roadster actually opened the door for EV commercial production.

Roadster owners are encouraged to visit the Plug In America website and take the survey. Like the Leaf survey, most of the questions focus on the battery pack’s performance and the influence of determining factors – time and mileage in use; how it compares to owner expectations; how well the Roadster’s active thermal management protected the battery pack in hot and cold weather; and distinctions between those who’ve experienced the different versions of the Roadster – 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 and the mainstay Roadster compared to the Roadster Sport. There’s also a question dealing with what owners might expect when considering purchasing an extended warranty.

The survey project is led by Plug In America’s Chief Science Officer Tom Saxton. Along with this sort of real-world battery performance research, Saxton and the PIA research group conducted their first ever performance evaluation of charging station down time last year.

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By Jon LeSage

Tesla Wins License to Sell Cars in Boston Suburb

Despite irking the National Automobile Dealers Association and being slapped with lawsuits, EV maker Tesla won a license to sell cars near Boston.

Unlike most automakers, Tesla use boutique retail locations to promote its vehicles, circumventing traditional dealer networks. It’s a strategy that seems to be paying off for the niche company, which is a rare instance of a seemingly successful startup in the car world. That game plan hasn’t gone unnoticed.

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Earlier in the year, Leonard Bellavia, an attorney who specializes in working with auto dealers said “the idea that they’re reinventing automotive retailing is somewhat laughable,” but it seems the joke was actually on Tesla’s naysayers.

Far from feeling intimidated, Tesla sales vice president George Blankenship smiled and said the brand isn’t worried about the lawsuits while talking with AutoGuide.

Tesla won approval for its license by a four-to-one vote for a license in Natick, which is just outside Boston. However, there are conditions. The company is required to transfer its lease on the property to its Massachusetts subsidiary.

The approval “will enable us to provide the residents of Natick and surrounding areas with a complete experience that will take them from initial education and information about EVs to the purchase, delivery and service of their Tesla vehicle if they choose to buy one.”

By Luke Vandezande

Even after crash, Tesla Roadster makes it around the world in 80 days!

From “noooooooooo!!!!!!” to “yes!”

That’s the recent history of Rafael de Mestre and his attempt to be the first person to take a standard, production electric vehicle around the world. After playing catch-up with the Electric Odyssey duo and their Citroen C-Zero EV, de Mestre suffered a crash in Germany just 600 miles from the finish line.

Undeterred, de Mestre had his Tesla Roadster repaired straightaways and successfully completed the drive last weekend. @TeslaMotors Tweeted congratulations for “making the #GuinessBook of records with your Roadster: the first EV to make it around the world!” But, looking at de Mestre’s own Twitter feed, it appears he’s still out there, running for more EV records.

By Sebastian Blanco

Tesla will take Roadster trade-ins for Model S

Tesla Roadster

One would never mistake a shiny new tech-filled Tesla Motors dealership for a used-car lot, but with several years worth of Teslas already on the road, that notion is about to get very real. Those retreads will be pretty rarified, though.

The California-based electric-vehicle maker is starting a buyback program in which owners of the company’s first car, the Roadster, can trade it in for credit against the purchase of a Model S sedan, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Tesla made about 2,500 Roadsters, with chassis bits provided by Lotus, between 2008 and 2011. The company estimates that it could sell Roadsters for anywhere from about $73,000 for a four-year-old model to about $93,000 for a 2010 model with low miles. Owners paid upwards of $109,000 when they were new.

Either way, owners would get a credit against the purchase of a Model S, which started production earlier this year. The newer cars sell for anywhere between about $50,000 and $100,0000, after federal tax credits.

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By Danny King

Tesla Roadster Buyback Program Launched

Early adopters of the Tesla Roadster who may now be eyeing the American automaker’s more practical Model S can now trade in their convertible sports car towards a new sedan.

Tesla will buyback old Roadsters from current owners and resell them at its own stores, giving others an opportunity to own the electric convertible. Only 2,500 Roadsters were made since it first hit the market in 2008 and used ones will be much cheaper than the original $109,000 price.

The trade-in value for the Roadster will be based on its condition after the automaker takes a detailed look at the used vehicle. Though Tesla hasn’t released what it expects to buy back the vehicles for, it did estimate that a 2010 Roadster with around 2,900 miles will be resold for $93,500; while a 2008 model with 31,000 miles will be around $73,300.

Even better news though is that some Roadster owners may actually get money back if their vehicle is valued higher than the Model S they’re opting for.

“Someone who couldn’t reach all the way to a Roadster before, now may be able to get one at a lower price,” said Tom vonReichbauer, Tesla’s director of finance. “We’re able to set what I think are pretty competitive prices for these cars.”

[Source: SF Gate]

By Jason Siu