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Around-the-world Tesla tour crashes just 600 miles from finish line [w/video] *UPDATE

tesla roadster around the world crash

noooooooooo!!!!!! game over! +++ I’m fine!!!!

That’s how Rafael de Mestre let his fans know that his attempt to be the first to drive around the world in a standard all-electric car, a Tesla Roadster, had come to an end. De Mestre posted the above picture to Facebook along with a short video of “the black day of the race” showing the crash and some of the aftereffects (see it below). The Roadster rear-ended a Toyota Auris in Germany and de Mestre says, “First findings: crash was initiated by a BMW driving 7 cars in front of [the Roadster], who crashed into the ahead driving car.”

In the long-distance race, De Mestre was competing against the Electric Odyssey crew, which is supposed to get back to their starting point some time in October after circumnavigating the world in a Citroen C-Zero EV (the Mitsubishi i’s sister vehicle). The French engineers in the C-Zero started their trip in February 2012, and de Mestre took off in May with the goal to overtake the shorter-range EV somewhere along the way. He managed to do that, but now it looks like the slow and steady duo will be able to claim the record, as long as their luck holds.

*UPDATE: De Mestre says on Facebook that, “Tesla is repairing [the Roadster] with 5 technicians in parallel!” See the picture below.

By Sebastian Blanco

Tesla Roadster racing around the world in 80 days [w/video]

tesla roadster in lebanon

Ah, those Jules Verne fanatics, you’ll find them everywhere. One Tesla Roadster owner last month set upon his own tribute to the author by starting his attempt to drive around the world in – yes – 80 days. Even better, it’s now a race to be the first world round trip driver with a standard EV (that “standard” is important, since the Solar Taxi has already made the trip back in 2007-2008, a journey that took 17 months.

Back in September 2011, Tesla Roadster driver Rafael de Mestre announced his plan to be the first person to do the standard EV circumnavigation with his Model S once it was delivered. Trouble is, in February 2012, two French engineers set off from France in February in a Citroen C-Zero EV (the Mitsubishi i’s sister vehicle) with the same goal, naming their journey the Electric Odyssey. That trip was to last a little longer than de Mestre’s – eight months – and span about 15,000 miles, in part because the Citroen has a far shorter single-charge range than the Tesla. de Mestre didn’t want someone else to steal his thunder, so he headed out in his Roadster in May and is now trying to catch the C-Zero team.

Rafael de Mestre left Barcelona on presumably a full charge on May 11 and started heading west. As of today, his car is on a ship somewhere west of Los Angeles, according to his website, and had put about 3,700 miles on the Roadster. The car is now being shipped to China, where he is to continue his journey for another five weeks or so. Will he make it back to Europe before the Frenchmen? Stay tuned. Bur first, check out an incredibly cinematic teaser video of the race below.

By Danny King

Even after crash, Tesla Roadster makes it around the world in 80 days!

From “noooooooooo!!!!!!” to “yes!”

That’s the recent history of Rafael de Mestre and his attempt to be the first person to take a standard, production electric vehicle around the world. After playing catch-up with the Electric Odyssey duo and their Citroen C-Zero EV, de Mestre suffered a crash in Germany just 600 miles from the finish line.

Undeterred, de Mestre had his Tesla Roadster repaired straightaways and successfully completed the drive last weekend. @TeslaMotors Tweeted congratulations for “making the #GuinessBook of records with your Roadster: the first EV to make it around the world!” But, looking at de Mestre’s own Twitter feed, it appears he’s still out there, running for more EV records.

By Sebastian Blanco