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Watch the Jaws of Life tear apart a Tesla Model S

As electric vehicles become more prevalent on the roadways, first responders are facing new – and sometimes unknown – challenges when it comes to intense tasks such as the extrication of passengers trapped inside a car. Advanced Extrication, an online training resource for rescue workers, recently posted a video showing how rescuers should respond to vehicles like the Tesla Model S.

The best way to do such a video, of course, is to actually demonstrate the process, so Tesla donated a new Model S just so the Fremont Fire Department could tear it to shreds as the host explains some of the unique dangers specific to electric cars. The unfortunate demo car looks like it just came off the assembly line, meaning it is completely intact to begin with, but we wonder if it would have been more interesting to see how firefighters deal with the car’s wiring and DC-DC converter (and other high voltage components) when the vehicle structure has been compromised.

Either way, the entire 37-minute video (posted below) goes in depth showing what rescuers face as they deal with a growing number of EVs. Of course, if all you want to see is the business end of the Jaws of Life going to town on the Model S’ subframe, you should skip to the 27-minute mark.

By Jeffrey N. Ross

MT attempts no-recharge LA-to-Las Vegas drive in Tesla Model S

Some would say these Motor Trend editors hit the jackpot before and after they hit Vegas.

With a three-day loan of a Tesla Model S, the magazine’s editors were given the opportunity to drive from Los Angeles to San Diego, then later do a round trip from the LA area to Las Vegas and back.

The goal was to see if the all-electric luxury sedan delivered the EPA-estimated single-charge range of 265 miles and approached Tesla’s own estimates of a 300-mile single-charge range.

The results? For the 211-mile trip from the outskirts of Los Angeles to Las Vegas, the Model S was able to go the distance with a fair amount of charge to spare, and that included an elevation climb of about 4,000 feet, running part-way with the air-conditioning on and cruising at about 65 miles per hour.

For the return trip, an editor was able to make the 285-mile drive between Las Vegas and Motor Trend’s El Segundo, CA, offices with three miles to spare. Whew. That said, the editor kept the A/C off for most of the ride, cruised at speeds as low as 52 miles per hour on freeways, and hit slow traffic (which helps range) near the end of the drive.

Either way, it can be argued that the Model S came up aces. Had the car had trouble, there is an electric-vehicle charging station along the way in Victorville, CA – at a Nissan dealership. See below for the nearly nine-minute video from Motor Trend.

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By Danny King

Tesla will assemble, distribute vehicles in Holland for European market

Tesla Model S assembly

Later this month, Tesla Motors will open its European Distribution Center in Tilburg, Holland, and will start stocking the stocking the site with Tesla Roadster and Model S parts as it prepares to start distribution in continental Europe next year.

The 200,000-square-foot factory will support about 50 jobs. Production of the European left-hand-drive versions of the Model S all-electric sedan will start next March. Tilburg is about halfway between Amsterdam to the north and Brussels to the south. Check out Tesla’s press release below.

California-based Tesla is looking to ramp up sales of the Model S, which started production earlier this year. The car won the Motor Trend Car of the Year Award last month.

In November, Tesla also announced an increase in the price for the Model S for next year by $2,500 for US customers to a base of $59,900 and a top-end maximum of $94,400. Since no European price had been set for the Model S, anyone in Europe who places an order before the end of the year will get 1,700 euros (or the local currency equivalent, roughly $2,500 US) off that price.

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By Danny King

Musk reports positive cash flow for Tesla last week

Tesla Model S

According to Bloomberg, Tesla actually earned money last week. CEO Elon Musk sent out a message on Twitter saying his company was “narrowly cash positive.” That’s big news for a company that hasn’t turned a quarterly profit as of yet. Tesla is currently in the middle of stepping up production for its Model S sedan, and has announced the vehicle’s MSRP will jump by $2,500, presumably to help fund that expansion.

So far, Tesla says it has built will build around 20,000 Model S units at its California production facility next year, though analysts say the ability to repeatedly generate a positive cash flow would go a long way toward the company’s evolution into a “sustainable operating entry.” So far, the Model S has garnered substantive praise, earning the Motor Trend Car of the Year Award among others. Tesla shares are up 19 percent this year over the same time period in 2011.

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By Zach Bowman

Tesla Model S Named 2013 World Green Car of the Year


Luxurious, powerful and laden with cool technology, the Tesla Model S adds yet another accolade to its crowded mantel today by winning the World Green Car of the Year Award at during the New York Auto Show.

Equipped with an 85 kWh battery — the largest available — it is supposed to offer up to 265 miles of range. Power is sent to the rear wheels with up to 443 lb-ft of instantly delivered torque in the performance model.

Aside from its luxury interior appointments and relatively understated style, standout features include its massive touch screen infotainment system the size of two iPads and the ability to update its system through a 3G connection.

2013 New York Auto Show Complete Coverage

That’s especially important with the Model S because it means the company can affect how the car behaves without requiring owners to bring their cars in for service.

Tesla competed against the Renault Zoe – a a five-door electric car – and the Volvo V60 Plug-In Hybrid for the title.

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By Luke Vandezande