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Tesla confirms production of 100 Model S vehicles, 74 for customers

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In the latest official Tesla blog post, George Blankenship, Tesla’s vice president of worldwide sales and ownership experience has got some fresh Model S numbers for us. Specifically, the company has now made 100 production Model S vehicles, with 74 of those destined for reservation holders. The rest, Blankenship writes, are “being used for test drive cars, in-store displays, engineering tests and for service team training. We plan to continue to increase production in the upcoming weeks.”

That increased production target for the rest of the year is 5,000, with 20-30,000 in 2013.

To put all these numbers in perspective, in early August, Tesla had only made 50 Model S vehicles, 29 for customers.

Blankenship was one of the people who is now driving a new Model S. He writes, “And for those of you who are wondering, yes, my wife and I got our Model S on Saturday! It was delivered to our house at 10 a.m. sharp by one of our Tesla Delivery Experience Specialists. Some things really are priceless.”

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By Sebastian Blanco

Tesla Model S Production to Hit 400 Weekly by December

Tesla is proud to announce that it has successfully transitioned to a mass production car company, and aims to have 400 Model S vehicles in production per week by December.

The automaker published a company letter to its shareholders on its website, announcing that production has been ramped up from a mere five cars per week at the beginning of the quarter. Tesla ultimately wants to produce at least 20,000 vehicles a year, which it hopes to achieve with its target goal of 400 per week by December.

This is good news for Tesla, which reported a third-quarter loss of $110.8 million. The Tesla Model S was recently named one of TIME Magazine’s best inventions of 2012.

“The third quarter was a fundamental turning point for Tesla as we successfully transitioned to a mass production car company, growing from manufacturing five cars per week at the beginning of the quarter to 100 cars per week by the end,” the letter said. “That rate has doubled since last month and is now at over 200 cars per week or 10,000 cars per year, which is at the critical threshold needed for Tesla to generate positive operating cash flow.”

By Jason Siu

Musk: Tesla Model S production up to ‘around 80 cars’ per week *UPDATE

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently spoke to Fox Business about the state of Model S production, and to hear the CEO tell it, things are going very well. Assembly line production has been climbing every week; the interview was conducted on September 13, and Musk said when asked how many cars they’d build, “I think it’s probably going to be around 80 cars this week.” If they hit that number it would represent double the production of the week before.

Tesla’s Model S production goal this year is 5,000 units, and the outside estimate is that 400* have been built so far. To make the target in the roughly 14 weeks left in the year, Tesla would need to – as of this week – quadruple last week’s production to a little more than 320 units. That’s a steep climb, but the numbers so far point to it being still being possible. Musk said that orders continue to come in and the company is working through its backlog, and he expects an annual profit to come in 2013. You’ll find both parts of the interview in the videos below.

*UPDATE: Tesla spokeswoman Christina Ra pointed out that the last publicly confirmed number is just 100 Model S units, and that Tesla will “likely make another announcement on that front soon.” She added, “400 is really inaccurate.”

By Jonathon Ramsey