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Nissan Leaf races Tesla Roadster at Sportsland

nissan leaf nismo rc racer

Give Nissan some credit, here: the company is proudly publicizing coming in second.

The Japanese automaker entered a souped-up Nissan Leaf in an all-electric-vehicle race at Japan’s Sportsland Sugo earlier this month, with hopes of knocking off proverbial favorite Tesla in the 50-kilometer race.

The Nissan Leaf Nismo RC was customized with a groovy, sleeker body as well as having its motor shifter around to make the car rear-wheel drive. The battery pack was moved to the middle for better handling. Additionally, Nissan added more crumple zones and automatic electric-power shut-down capabilities the event that the car got munched.

The good news as that the car didn’t. The bad news is that it finished second to a Tesla Roadster.

“Tesla’s speed on the straights was much more impressive than we anticipated,” driver Tsugio Matsuda said (in translation). The racer did look like he enjoyed the challenge, though, as you can see in Nissan’s six-minute video below.

By Danny King

Tesla Model S will have available CHAdeMO adaptor in Japan

Tesla Model S

Tesla Motors has confirmed that the all-electric Model S luxury sedan will have a CHAdeMO quick-charging adaptor when the model goes on sale in Japan. The news was first reported in Japan, where CHAdeMo is the winning fast-charging option. The adaptor will make it possible for Tesla owners to recharge at almost 1,900 quick-charging stations across the country, Green Car Reports notes, where CHAdeMO is the DC-fast charge standard for models like the Japanese-made Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi i.

More than 20 Tesla stores in Japan will start selling the model later this year, though no pricing has been announced. Tesla hasn’t said whether CHAdeMO adaptors will be available for US versions of the Model S, which in November won Motor Trend’s 2012 Car of the Year award.

The CHAdeMO quick-charging standard was established in 2010 and is supported by Nissan and Mitsubishi as well as Toyota. US and European automakers such as BMW, General Motors and Volkswagen are supporting the newer SAE Combo standard because of its ability to have a single charging port for both standard and fast-charging stations. Tesla doesn’t like either of these protocols, and developed its own Supercharger technology, which is why an adaptor is necessary in the first place. No similar adaptor for the SAE Combo connector has been announced.

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By Danny King