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Ford, GM Promoting Workplace EV Charging

Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Nissan, and Tesla are among 13 companies joining together as founding Partners of the Department of Energy’s Workplace Charging Challenge.

“The market for electric vehicles is expanding dramatically, giving drivers more options to save money on gasoline while reducing carbon pollution,” said Energy Secretary Steven Chu.

The mission of DOE’s Workplace Charging Challenge is to increase the number of employers with workplace charging by tenfold within the next five years in hopes of strengthening the nation’s electric-vehicle infrastructure while increasing consumer exposure to plug-in electric vehicles.

Joining those automakers are 3M, Duke Energy, Eli Lilly and Company, General Electric, Google, San Diego Gas & Electric, Siemens, and Verizon. The DOE will be providing technical assistance and establishing a network where Partners and Ambassadors can share their best practices.

“These 13 companies are taking strong steps to make charging infrastructure more broadly available to their workforce – setting an example for others to follow and helping America lead the global race for a growing industry,” Chu said.

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By Jason Siu

Tesla Expands Supercharger Locations to East Coast

Tesla Motors has launched its first supercharger stations on the East Coast, expanding its network for Tesla Model S owners looking for a quick charge while on the go.

The new supercharger stations are found in Milford, Connecticut and Newark, Delaware and are designed for Model S owners traveling from Boston to Washington to get free long distance driving.

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The expansion of Tesla’s supercharger stations in the Northeast is just the beginning, as the American electric automaker plans to expand to over 100 stations nationwide by 2015. A thirty-minute charge from a supercharger station can give the Model S around a 150-mile range, or approximately three hours of driving time.

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By Jason Siu