Tesla Model X Detroit 2013

Tesla isn’t holding its Detroit Auto Show press conference until tomorrow, but there’s a new Model X on the stand today. This one is white – and, in a nice touch, it’s simply called “white” – and has an updated interior and new wheels. We doubt those wheels will ever make it to production, since they have carbon fiber spokes that are pure flair, not structural.

Inside, the surfaces, materials and colors are updated from the silver/gray model unveiled almost a year ago, with black and white featured in alternating fashion. The big touch screen in the dashboard is the same as in the Model S, but it “floats” (as you can see here) instead of being flush (see this). What we hadn’t noticed before is the tight squeeze third-row occupants will feel on their knees (see this).

Tesla representatives told AutoblogGreen that this Model X is an updated design prototype, not even a beta version (the first beta is expected in 2014). That said, the minor evolution that we see here is getting closer to what the production model will look like.

Speaking of tomorrow’s press conference, we were told it will mostly be a review of what Tesla accomplished in 2012, even though some of the numbers we’re most interested in (i.e., sales) won’t be revealed until February. Still, we did hear that the way pre-orders and production rates are going, Tesla is on track to sell 20,000 Model S vehicles in 2013. That’s calendar year 2013, by the way, which for Tesla matches the Model Year. We like it when companies keep things simple.

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By Sebastian Blanco